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brothers in arms world

Standalone books set in the Brothers In Arms world. 


After I Do

It's been a long time. Was it worth it?

Regrets are a waste of time, but there’s still one moment Jim Barnes wishes he could take back -- breaking up with Sarah, the love of his life, before sneaking off to boot camp thirty years ago. The only reason he returned to Hedby, Colorado, to start an MMA gym after his military career ended was in the vain hope she’d still be there. He’s willing to wait for her return.

When Sarah Miller moves back to her hometown after becoming a widow, the last thing she expects is to run into her old flame -- the one who broke her heart all those years ago. Their second chance to finally be everything they’ve ever needed is absolutely Worth the Wait.


Mended With Gold: Heart of a Wounded Hero

Sometimes, people get broken.

War broke him and he can’t be put together again. Not all the way, at least. But after hitting rock bottom, the wounded veteran has fought his way back to building a good, solid, productive life. It’s not necessarily happy, but after all he’s been through, maybe hoping for joy is too big an ask.
Until he meets Daye.

Freedom from her toxic family is half amazing and half terrifying. Testing her newfound courage at her job as a grant writer, she finds that the scarred, quiet man she works with has a core of strength and bravery that heats her like molten gold. Maybe he can show her how to be daring and bold, too.

Sometimes, people’s broken hearts can be mended with gold.


Snow Candy Christmas: Colorado Christmas

Christmas is stupid. Snow is stupid. Going back to her little hometown of Hedby, Colorado with her tail between her legs is the stupidest thing of all. But Natalie Moore is raising the white flag — at least until the New Year, when she’ll be able to face the world on her own again. An independent woman with no one to lean on. All by herself. Alone. With no one to love… Ah, reindeer poop.

Sean Greenway left behind the harsh winters of Vermont and the harsh life of a soldier and came out west to build something new. And hopefully, rebuild himself in the process. So far, so good, but while his buddies spend the season with their families and loved ones, Sean holes up in his little house and waits for the long, dark nights to be over.

When Natalie shows up in the midst of one of those nights and they find themselves trapped together, Sean discovers some sweetness in the snow and some heat for the holidays. He’s just hoping their Christmas wishes will last forever.

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