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brothers in arms

Meet the men of Brothers In Arms Classic Car Restoration. Sexy, dominant veteran soldiers who are willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy the women who are their perfect matches.


And I do mean whatever it takes...

Her Trust.jpg

Her trust
before Brothers In Arms

Her trust will be well-rewarded.


The moment scarred ex-Army Ranger Dan Molloy hears her sexy voice on the phone, he knows the lovely lawyer will be his. But a dangerous winter snow puts her at risk, and the dominant in him will need her to submit to the consequences of her decisions if they’re going to weather the storm together.


Phoebe’s job is to deliver an unusual bequest to the man she’s come to admire through her research. Meeting the grumpy veteran melts away any ice left around her heart. When the sun rises after the storm, will their desire have burned out, or will it become a love that lasts?

Her Hero.jpg

Her Hero
Brothers In Arms Book 1

Her spark will light this hero’s heart.

Xander Cole’s usually steady discipline is fraying at the edges without a focal point — someone who needs the kind of care the former Army Ranger longs to give. When he spots the sweet barista on his caffeine run, he knows she’s exactly the spark he needs to regain control.

Life is tough for an extrovert with social anxiety and attention issues. Miri’s doing the best she can to hold herself together, but when she gets overwhelmed, the tattooed blond hottie proves to be a strong shelter. This warrior with a wounded heart teaches her that she doesn’t have to do it all herself, and there’s strength in a yielding heart.

Her Shield.jpg

Her shield
Brothers In Arms Book 2

He’ll shield his kitten from any threat.

His first view of her was her perfect, heart-shaped rear sticking out of his rhododendrons in the middle of the night. His kitten was going to be nothing but trouble. Exactly the kind of trouble he liked.

On the run and lost with nothing but her cat, Julia has no idea that the man who gives her shelter will be the one to make her kitty purr.

Her Soldier ebook.jpg

Her soldier
Brothers In Arms Book 3

This soldier’s heart is tied to hers forever.

She’s way too good for him. Hanna’s an angel who trains service dogs for veterans with PTSD, and the last thing she needs is to get tangled up with his messed-up brain. But he’d love nothing more than to tie her heart so tightly with his that they’d never be able to part.

He’s been tempting her with his strength, his determination, and his unwavering pride since the moment she first saw him. There's no room in her heart to pity him, so she’ll do better. She’ll love him. Knots and all.

Her Protector.jpg

Her protector
Brothers In Arms Book 4

She’s his treasure to protect.

A traumatic brain injury changed his life, but trading his Army Ranger uniform for some Brothers In Arms mechanic’s overalls provides the peace he needs to find his new normal. Who could have guessed that the tiny, fiery-haired librarian would give him new purpose, too? Now all he wants to do with the rest of his life is protect his treasure from any harm.

Five-foot-two on a big hair day, Annie Brewster has forged her own path in life, but inner strength only goes so far when an ex-gone-bad tries to get his way. Thankfully, the gentle giant who’s been starring in her most intimate fantasies gives her his protection… and his heart.

Her guardian.jpg

Brothers In Arms Book 5

He’ll always guard her heart.

War cost him a leg, but now that he’s settled into his new job with Brothers In Arms, Nick “Dime” Byerman is ready to get his house in order. The minute he sets eyes on the pin-up worthy bombshell in his office, Dime knows she’s the only one who can make his house a home.

All she ever wanted is to have a life that isn’t just about scrambling to pay for the bare necessities. When Betty's younger brother runs into trouble with the wounded veteran who works behind the scenes at the classic car restoration shop, she’ll do whatever it takes to make amends. Even if it ends up being her heart’s desire.

Her Warrior.jpg

Her warrior
Brothers In Arms Book 6

She brings peace to her warrior’s heart.

Despite the loss of an arm, the youngest member of the Brothers In Arms crew, Ben “Mad Dog” Zacharias has found a way to express the fire burning in his soul. His metal sculptures capture the essence of warriors still fighting on the home front. They also capture the attention of an art magazine. When the journalist turns out to be a pampered princess, Ben can’t wait to get her perfectly filthy.

Following the path her family has set out for her feels like a cage to Lucy Buchanan, who wants to make art, not just write about it. Determined that this interview will be her last, she finds that submitting to the wounded warrior with the beautiful soul and the wicked imagination will be her key to freedom. And a love stronger than steel.

Her Commander.jpg

Her commander
Brothers In Arms Book 7

She’s in command of his heart.

When he catches sight of the masked woman making her way out of the BDSM club where he plays, Gabe Martinez realizes she might be the one who can bring some joy back into his life. A leader by instinct and by training, he’s drawn to her maturity and strength. But can she learn to submit to him?

A lot of things in Fern Kim-Hunt’s life have changed and she’s finally ready to take charge… by giving in to the submissive desires she’s harbored for longer than she cares to admit. Moving halfway across the country gives her an opportunity for a life-changing night with a man she could learn to trust. All she has to do is kneel.

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